America’s Fittest Cities for 2017

FitBit map

Well, here’s some fun information brought to us by FitBit. 


I can only imagine all the detailed data that their product can provide.  Makes one almost want to purchase a FitBit unit to contribute to the overall information FitBit gathers.


And who cares about the accuracy of the product or if competing products can provide the same intelligence that FitBit is providing?


Of course…. Boulder, Colorado, made the list.  Could be that the population of Denver could not afford or is not using their FitBit unit.  Or it could be that Google owns FitBit, and since Google is opening an extensive campus in the fair City of Boulder, Google marketing would like to put a positive spin on the data points.


However, Boulder is not one of the cities that sleeps the most, nor the city with the most steps.  But, Boulder crushes it at the #1 spot for the most active minutes.  I bet “active” also includes participating on the patio at Avery Brewery or Liquid Mechanics.


Please enjoy this FitBit link to the full information page:  LINK


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