Simple Green Pest Control Tips

cat-mouseThere are simple ingredients available likely on the shelves  in your kitchen, or above your washer/dryer that can provide options that may garner just as good results versus the use of toxic chemicals.  Plus, perhaps there should be the consideration for the health of the family and pets, potentially exposed to harsh chemicals may have a longer lasting effect that far outweighs the benefit the ridding of the household pest. 

There are detailed pest control suggestions that have the potential to take care of pest problems in a “green” and non toxic manner.  Time for an example:  ants leave a trail.  Something as simple and non toxic as white vinegar will wipe out their scent trail.  Lost ants!

For the full details, Click Here  to review the list of pests, and how to keep them at bay.  The list does not include beyond live trapping critters to release at some location to be determined.  The world famous McGuckin Hardware has a selection of live traps, many styles with options in many sizes.

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