Pug Gets Loose in Hazels Liquor Store

PugNo dinner for Franklin.
Stopped by Mike’s to pick up some photo prints of Shirley the Cow’s endeavors.  Why drive versus just walk over to Hazels to grab some beer for Allen’s going away party?

Collared and leashed up, we head to Hazel’s, straight to the cooler section for some Avery fine beer, my favorite.  Next stop check out stand…. except to pause for persons to mess with Frank.

Check out: almost swiping card, six packs are going into my bring along bag…. and frickin’ Frank decides to pull out of his collar and bolt!


Let me set the scene for you. Hazel’s Saturday afternoon: busy. Lots of check out counters humming with customers… and frickin’ Frank bolts.
What to do? He’s starting to go deep in store, running up and down isles, switching back / forth no particular direction.

Check out dude, and customers are loving watching my reaction….. which is most likely a look of shock. Really?
Persons in close by lines are all in agreement to watch my stuff, and best get a going to see if “my” dog is catchable. I tried the “This is not my dog; he’s with me until my girl friend returns. Do I have to be responsible? I’ll just tell her where to find her dog, last seen in isle ______.”

I only got a shaking of heads in the negative… I could tell they were sure glad it was me, and not them that lost the girl friend’s dog.

Up and down isles I go, seeing flashes of Frank go by. Customers and the local isle help start to point the direction of which why they just saw Frank as I track the Pug down. And cornered. In the area for wine tasting, where there’s 20 people enjoying a pour, and then a lunatic chasing a Pug behind the counter into back offices. Good excitement there too.

I bag the Pug. Cheers explode and the applause. (Makes it tough to beat the dog, or pull off one of his legs with all these persons watching.) In retrospect, fabulous comments from customers on the entertainment we provided as we work our way back to the point of check out. It was like Moses parting the Red Sea, men – women – children making way for me to move right to the front.

Check out person: “You ok Cliff?”
(first name basis due to credit card and losing a dog in the store)
And then to the Pug: “Hey Frankie
(first name basis since everyone knew Frankie’s name by now),
why’d you do that to this nice guy?”

Moral of this story: If Frankie goes shopping again in Hazel’s with me…. I don’t care what the Boulder Humane Society thinks: Choke (with spikes) Chain Collar.
a happy ending. I vanquished the Pug for all to see.

Follow up to the story from Martha, proud owner of Frankie.

Hey Cliff –

I can’t delete this because it’s so funny and I have an addendum.
Megan and I dropped by Hazels (with Frank) on our way back from the airport yesterday. I asked the question – would anyone remember Frank? – before we got out of the car. As we are walking in, not even through the front door yet, an employee collecting carts asks “did a friend of yours bring your dog into Hazels the other day?” We bust out laughing. He said Frank was great and you were very cool! You and Frank are famous.
We made it through Hazels without any escapes & Frank got lots of attention.

Have a great Thursday!!!

Best of all,P1030117 thank you for going into Hazel’s to purchase as a thank you gift: George Clooney’s CASAMIGOS Tequila.  I forgive you Frankie for attempting to embarrass me in Hazel’s.



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