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Posted by Carole VanSickle of the ‘Bryan Ellis Real Estate’ on Monday, March 28th 2011

While many analysts have been predicting that the skyrocketing values that real estate investment trusts (REITs) have experienced over the past two or three years are going to be exactly that – a thing of the past – as the rest of the market begins to recover, these multimillion-dollar investment conglomerates are not going anywhere.

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  • Ray Alcorn is providing another extensively detailed article on the due diligence of a commercial real estate transaction.   Key features of the article are:  assessing value of commercial, NNN leases, details of the Leases, study of the insurance policy, the quality of the tenants, and very useful, are Mr. Alcorn’s very detailed: Preliminary due diligence checklist – Financial records, to phone system, to tax returns to the Deed, and his detailed Comprehensive due diligence pre-closing list -  ALTA – Estoppel – Title search. 

    To review the contents of this informative article, and the checklist, direct your browser to: